Wanting change, but not knowing where to start . . .


There’s been many sleepless nights in my life. I can’t help, but to feel sad, guilty, unworthy of my possessions. I just have so much and I know there are people in this world who don’t even have a fraction of what I have. There are people out there starving themselves to feed their families. There are kids living in the streets, working day in and out, to help make ends meet. There are families living in cardboard shacks, tents, dumpsters yet I am living in my comfortably large room with my comfortable bed, with my comfortable clothes in a comfortable neighborhood.

Why is that? I’ve asked myself many times. Why can’t the wealth be spread equally across the world? Why can’t everyone go to sleep with food in their stomach? Why am I living a life a luxury at the expense of another human being? Why must I rob you of your humanity to feel contempt of mine? How can anyone go to sleep at night as bombs are being dropped on innocent families in other countries? For our freedom, you say? Please. But at the same time I can’t blame the next person for feeling that way. Given the capitalistic nature of this United States, it’s what we do best. We seek what’s best in our interest at whatever means necessary. Even if that means having starving kids in all parts of the world. I’m tired of feeling this way. I’m tired wanting change, but not knowing where to start. I’m tired of pretending it doesn’t hurt my heart.

The dahlia lama once said to teach is to reach immortality. If that is the case, teach I will. My first step will be to raise awareness. Share my knowledge. Shed light into oppressed countries so others can see the realities outside their bubbles.

This is where Egypt comes in. Egypt is in the north eastern part of Africa with a population of nearly 80 million people. About forty percent of its population consist of young kids from ages 10-29. Its climate is of mostly hot, humid summers and moderate winters. Desert-like. Its government practices republicanism, but Islam is what truly governs the everyday lives of most Egyptians or Muslims. Some of their obligations as Muslims include to pray 5 times a day; dawn, noon, afternoon, sunset, and evening. Friday is considered Holy day in the Islamic religion thus most businesses close on Thursday and begin the weekend on that day. Ramadan, the holy month for Muslims, consists of fasting from dusk to dawn and family festivities to celebrate the end of the fasting each evening. Businesses usually don’t operate in their regular schedule. Everything is generally at much slower pace during the holy month of Ramadan.

Violence and destitute is also prominent in this mostly humble nation. Especially given the recent revolution a couple years ago. Most of Egypt’s population is of the lower class while the rest are of the upper. An imbalance like this can raise civil disobedience and/or resistance anywhere in the world. It is no wonder the poor people of this country are at unrest. But at the same time, fighting fire with fire has never sheltered a positive ending. Think back to the times of Hitler and World War I. He was only suppressed, never truly silenced. He eventually came back and raised hell like no one has done in centuries. Yes, you and I want change and social responsibility from our leaders, but how? We have to raise our voices and be heard, literally and figuratively. Educate the lower class. Spread knowledge to all corners of the world. And stop giving power to the corrupt. Vote with our voice, hands, and wealth.


Source(s): http://www.kwintessential.co.uk/resources/global-etiquette/egypt-country-profile.html




2 thoughts on “Wanting change, but not knowing where to start . . .

  1. Hi J,
    you are off to a flying start so congratulations on your first blog entry! Here are some suggestions to improve this one and subsequent entries:
    1. Your narrative is really good and draws in the readership. I strongly recommend you create another personal blog and write about everything that you observe around yourself as a human being and invite your social network to participate.

    However, since the intent of this blog is to be included in your professional career portfolio, you can later on customize it to suit the particular job description. For example, if you seek employment in public policy, consumer advocacy, consumer education, etc. the above narrative will be fine. But, if you are going to show this blog for a private sector, for profit, business position, I suggest you edit the content to make it more objective, research oriented and matter of fact.

    so you can leave this entry as is for the time being and modify later should you feel the need to do so.
    2. include a map picture (source cited).
    3. research and edit font size that best suits different electronic devices.
    4. play around with the settings to add relevant content links to your blog that may be of interest/relevance. there is a ton of resource for egypt at present so make sure to curate information. i would also look at audio-visual sources.
    5. intersperse pictures within the narrative where applicable.
    6. use a tone of language that is in between formal and informal to maintain the professional aspect of this blog project. It’s tricky and you will get better with time. Review some of the top professional blogs on technocrati for inspiration and benchmarking purposes
    7. start incorporating terms and concepts from learning materials into subsequent entries.

    good luck!

  2. I loved the concept of having a target market in which a culture that is not materialistic. It is going to be a good read on how you plan to market towards this culture and the cultural differences you are going to need to overcome in order to please the marketing mix. This has hit home,because I have family friends who live in Egypt, and are going through the struggle as well.

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