Why do they always send the poor?


It is evident by now Egypt is in the midst of crises; politics, environment, poverty. And although the LIFESAVER could, potentially, alleviate some troubles there are still a few barriers the company faces in order to penetrate the market.


Let’s begin with politics. As I have mentioned previously, Egypt is ongoing a revolution. A revolution their youth is playing a huge role in. Their minds are preoccupied with formulating strategies to overthrow their government, not a water bottle. In other words, generating awareness can be an issue with the target market; getting the attention of these young folks and having them be interesting in the product(s). However, hope is not lost. Egyptian youth is also ongoing a technological revolution. The youth is incorporating social media into their everyday life and the various channels available can be way to generate awareness.

Next, poverty. The majority of Egypt is living in destitute; a few dollars a day. Compare this statistic to the retail price ($185) of the LIFESAVER bottle, there is major discrepancy. Unless government or some other prominent source contributes to the donations of these products, it will be nearly impossible to get it into the hands of the poor youth. No matter how brilliant the marketing communications strategy is, without the capital in the customers’ hands, it won’t be sold. LIFESAVER will instead have to widen its marketing funnel onto a rich company in Egypt or the government and pitch how the item has value (fulfills needs, how the products aims to solve/alleviate pollution, poverty) for their country; possibly even giving leverage in their industry. However, convincing the rich to now, out of no where, help the workers they’ve exploited so long could prove to be an even bigger challenge…


2 thoughts on “Why do they always send the poor?

  1. Awesome! I really enojyed the social media video, they served very supplemental to your post! The price range is crazy and hopefully will be subsidized by the government. The political cartoon is also very funny

  2. isnt it interesting that the government was not able to censor this like the chinese government? its because the latter has kept the country’s servers in beijing and blocked US social media firms from entering the market.

    cultural nuances are definitely important. consumer education is even more of an issue when marketing sustainable products. subsidizing is important – think of ways for consumers to ‘share’ this expensive product that might reduce the price burden.

    let’s see some effort in working on the technical skills of blogging as i have mentioned in earlier feedback. this is important to add as a skill learnt through this assignment that is directly transferrable and applicable in the job market. lets see more work on the nav and menu bars in the remaning few entries.

    good luck!

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