Why don’t presidents and governments fight the war(s)?


Why is it that products or services beneficial to the human body are so darn expensive? Have you ever thought of that? A McDonald’s double-cheeseburger costs  1 dollar whereas if one goes to Subway, they are at lease spending 5 to 10 bucks. This is just one of many examples. I suppose there is an obvious answer to this question: The Government, Capitalism. If that is the case, how different would the world be?

We go back to Egypt; a poor country, with decent education, and corrupt central regime. Lets take the LIFESAVER bottle as an example. As mentioned earlier, this revolutionary product is around 200 US dollars. In a country with much pollution like Egypt, this is huge, especially considering the ever-growing population. The population is expected to grow so much, experts predict the water supply to run dry within the next decade.



Source: http://www.dailynewsegypt.com/2013/02/18/government-took-loans-to-improve-potable-water-people-scream/

However, the bottle is just too expensive. How to get it in the hands of the people is the real question. The only solution coming to mind is turning to the government or outside source for help. It does seem like poetic justice the oppessor is the same who helps rise . . .


Source: http://www.democracychronicles.com/public-relations-agencies/

Egypt’s government could, for example, endorse the product, finance it, and put forth regulations for companies to begin producing at a massive level. Mass-production could help drive down prices, thus, allowing more people to purchase the product. Government endorsement could very well alleviate the water pollution issues and help gain the trust and loyalty from its people again.


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