Progress Together


“One for you and one for me…”

It’s a simple philosophy, my friends.

Love oneself, love each other.




In light of the great Martin Luther King, Jr. and his revolutionary humanitarian efforts, I would like to take a time to pause and see how much we have advanced as a race since the Civil Rights movement. I would like to invite and ask yourself, “Who am I?”

I love to consider myself Mexican-American. I love my Mexican heritage, color, culture, norms, people. And I love the comforts of living in the United States.

At the same time though, I can’t truly relate with Mexican natives because we lived and live two completely different lifestyles. To them, I’m a gringo…a privileged folk who has it easy, who got lucky.

Well, maybe I can relate better with the White “American” people. Oh, wait…what? I’m just a beaner, wetback, border-hopper? I’m only supposed to amount to cutting grass and working in the fields? That’s all I’m good for? I see.

I’m not from here, I’m not from there. “Mexican” is not even considered a race/ethnicity in America, but when it’s valuable to the rich man…”yes, he’s one of us.” How can we turn a blind eye to this and other issues of the world? How can we pretend this atrocity is not happening and be happy? Why are we NOT given the choice to nurture our roots, but instead have an agenda constantly pushed on us…but instead made fun of in the media? How can we allow our heritage to slowly erode…especially while we are still being discriminated against? I don’t understand. Maybe I never will.

Freedom for all or freedom for no one.

Young Digital World


Egypt’s youth is undergoing a technological revolution. Much of this youth’s free time is spent on the Internet seeking entertainment, a partner, or how to organize against its government.


Thus, since the Egyptian youth is our target it is only poetic justice we meet them halfway: the Internet. Establishing a well-organized e-customer relationship management (e-CRM) sector would benefit LIFESAVER and its target market. Here’s why:

An e-CRM organization allows the company (in this case, LIFESAVER) to better manage and provide higher quality customer interactions with its target market and potential buyers. Furthermore, this type of infrastructure would facilitate LIFESAVER to put-forth engaging messages that the target audience find valuable.


For example, LIFESAVER could invest in a social media campaign with the objective gaining key customer insights to then establish a relationship with the clientele and tailor the company’s services and products accordingly.



Water Crises In Egypt




Remember late 2004? How can one forget? Fidel Castro banned U.S. dollar transactions in Cuba, Bungie released its extremely popular first-person shooter video game, Halo 2, and War in Iraq was spreading like wildfire in the Middle East. However, something more terrifying was awaiting in the depths of the Indian Ocean. On the morning of December 26th, many countries surrounding the Indian Ocean stood face to face with the most devastating tsunami in human history. Image


 Thousands died, many more injured. Michael Pritchard, an innovator and philanthropist, saw the terrifying damages caused by the natural disaster and felt the need to act; thus, erected the LIFESAVER bottle.


The LIFESAVER bottle is the world’s first water bottle to convert contaminated water into safe, sterile drinking water. The bottle contains microscopic filters that “catch” potentially harming bacteria, viruses, cysts, parasites, fungi, and any other water borne pathogens. More fascinating is the bottle does this without the aid of any chemicals or UV light. Here is a demonstration of the LIFESAVER bottle by the creator, Michael Pritchard:

So, why is this important you might ask? Well, aside from the groundbreaking innovation that could potentially save millions worldwide, actions still must be taken to make such resources readily available to those in need. The entire nation of Egypt, not just its youth, has been undergoing a water crisis for the past few years. This is a prime example and potential target to utilize the LIFESAVER bottle. The scarcity of water in this country is severe. Egyptian farmers have become desperate and even resorted to using contaminated sewage water to irrigate their crops. Imagine all the harm that would come from eating food grown by such water. No one would be safe, illness doesn’t have a specific target; young, old, brown, white, the damages could be catastrophic. Take into consideration the population explosion occurring in present day Egypt. The rapid population increase adds further stress to the limited supply of clean water for consumption and irrigation. Within a decade, if no substantial action is taken, the clean water supply will run dry. To add to that horror, there is massive pollution occurring in the nation, as well. Industrial waste, agriculture runoffs, and municipal sewage are carelessly being deposited into the Nile River. Toxic waste, pesticides, herbicides, muck pollute the river and render it unfit for any use by any form of life.



Again, we, humans, have the tools necessary . . . now it’s just a matter of taking action.


Here is a site if one is seeking to take further action towards the cause: