Team LifeSaving


Egypt’s youth is ongoing a personal revolution between tradition and creating their own identity.  Most of the youth has turned towards the internet as tool to facilitate organization and empowerment of their communities; others go online for leisure and entertainment. The influence from western culture, nevertheless, is evident. More and more, Egypt’s youth is picking up on the culture norms and practices that are found in America or Europe and incorporating them into their daily lives. This includes the use of social media sites, entertainment, personal independence, and being more “open-minded.”



            Therefore, because of the technology and political revolution happening right now within this young group, the brand identity/story fits perfectly. The name itself is so powerful and vibrant (LIFESAVER bottle). So much synergy is found between the website and this youth group. The visual design, first of all, is inviting and invigorating. This is important to this young group because not only does it fit with the brand, but also the emotions they are experiencing at the moment (EE Ch. 6, 284). This youth group is fighting for their rights and seeking outlets of energy and help to push through this struggle. Again, both are fighting for a positive cause and both are open to receive outside help.



            For the young individuals utilizing the internet for entertainment purposes, the positioning of the product still remains strong. Much like their fellow comrades, they, too, are seeking for hope, a light at the end of the tunnel; a humanitarian company to help ease their troubles and enable further growth of their communities.



            Furthermore, the site allows for easy communication between LIFESAVER and their customers. The content is tailored for a philanthropic youth group like Egypt’s and allows for interaction and participation. (EE Ch. 6, 285). In other words, Egypt’s youth can help them self, their country, and supports other in need around the world, too.

2 thoughts on “Team LifeSaving

  1. I like the choice because it is vital towards their health and helps both the business and the consumer! The video serves a nice purpose in giving me an idea of the conditions of your country!

  2. dont cite the textbook here but using the concepts is great!
    nice description. think about the brand’s story – something that will resonate with the target market segment.

    lets see some work on more settings functions like the menu and nav bars

    good luck!

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